#NewDelhi: Recently a video went very viral on social media. The video shows an Indian consulate officer in the United States abusing a visa applicant. A female visa applicant has been abused by the Indian Consulate Officer (Viral Video of Indian consulate officer).

The fame of that officer has been posted on social media. In that video (Viral Video) it is seen that the officer is abusing a female visa applicant by raising his finger and shouting. When the woman asked the officer why her visa had been revoked, the officer started abusing her. The Indian Consulate General in New York said the incident was being investigated after the video surfaced. Such behavior of a consulate officer will not be tolerated.

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Talk show host and actor Simi Garewal posted a clip of the video on Twitter. Simi Garewal posted the video, tagging the PM’s office and the foreign minister, saying the issue should not be ignored. The behavior of the consulate officer in that video is very reprehensible. A woman went to the Indian Consulate in New York the day after her father died for an emergency visa. But what the Indian consulate officer did to the woman by pointing a finger and shouting at her is a very reprehensible incident. The behavior of the consulate officer can be seen in that video. The Indian consulate officer is being sharply criticized on social media.

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A few days ago, a Twitter user named Rakesh Krishnan Simha protested by posting this video. He said a government official had been appointed to help the Indians. That officer was not appointed to insult the Indians. The Indian Consulate in the US has replied to his post. They said that this issue is being taken very seriously. The Consulate General is personally looking into this matter. Such behavior of a consulate officer will not be tolerated. He will be severely punished for this act. After Simi Garewal re-posted this same video, it came to the notice of more people and the behavior of that Indian consulate officer in America went viral. The consulate officer’s reputation has been severely criticized on social media!

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