IPL 2021; Mohammad Shami: Cabbage has to be picked from the land all year round, salary is Rs. 83 lakh per year

#London: Many times people do not bother much about work profile when they get a package of several lakh rupees. Imagine if someone was paid Rs 83 lakh a year to pick vegetables from the land! বাঁ 62,400 will be paid for picking cabbage from the field. Why would anyone object to such a job? A British agricultural company is offering workers a hefty salary for growing vegetables (cabbage and broccoli) all year round. There are other things that will attract anyone to this job.

This job advertisement has been posted online on behalf of TH Clements and Son Ltd. According to the advertisement, cabbage and broccoli will be harvested from the field throughout the year. 30 per hour. In other words, the hourly wage in Indian currency will be more than three thousand rupees. 63,11,841 lakh per annum. As stated in the job profile, it is basically manual labor work and it has to be done throughout the year.

Field operators will get three thousand rupees per hour-

Two ads have been published online for this work. The company is looking for field operators to grow cabbage, an advertisement said. This work means you get paid according to the number of pieces of cabbage and broccoli that are broken. This work has the potential to earn up to 3 thousand rupees per hour. This work will continue throughout the year. Interestingly, the salary in the job will be paid according to each piece. In other words, the option to earn more money per day will be open. Money can be more or less according to the number of vegetables. Many people are surprised to see such a huge salary proposal in agriculture.

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The number of coroners in Britain has dropped significantly during this time. So the government wants to recruit people under the seasonal agricultural worker scheme. Not only agriculture, but many other sectors of the country are being paid well due to acute shortage of workers. From drivers to people working at petrol pumps, there is a huge shortage. In such a situation, their salary has been increased up to 855 percent.

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