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#Kabul: The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of thousands at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai airport as they tried to flee the Taliban-occupied Afghanistan. The Islamic State, or ISIS, militant group was initially thought to be behind the attack. In the end, that fear came true. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowded airport gate, killing at least two people. An international news agency claimed that the third blast took place after the twin blasts. According to sources, there are fears of more such explosions. The ISIS militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Health officials in Kabul have confirmed the deaths of at least 60 people. Hundreds injured. At least 11 U.S. soldiers have been killed. Countless Afghans on the list. Multiple bodies were found lying in a ditch made outside the airport. Eyewitnesses claim, just panic, screams, wails all over the area. The whole area is flooded with blood. The family is trying to bring the hands and feet to a dry place. Standing on top of the corpse. All such horrific pictures and videos have spread in the net world after the twin blasts at Kabul airport on Thursday.

Random shots were fired outside the airport shortly after the blast. Some military experts have claimed from the outset that ISIS, the Islamic State militant group, usually carries out such attacks. A few days ago, the Pentagon claimed that ISIS could attack the Kabul airport while the citizens were returning home. It is reported that even ISIS made such a threat. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Kabul airport.

US President Joe Biden sat in an emergency meeting shortly after the incident. “So far there is no evidence of collusion between the Taliban and ISIS,” he said. However, we will not forgive this incident. We will not forget this incident. We will find you and suffer the consequences. We will rescue American citizens from Afghanistan. Our mission will continue.

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