I’ve heard a lot of birds say ‘Gaur-Nitai’, now the duck is saying, ‘You Bloody Fool’

#Sydney: The pheasant can learn by listening to people and say that this is a century old truth Scientists have long sought to imitate the human throat in this way A special species of Australian duck 8 found from this source He can put any voice or word in his throat So some of them are uttering the word to close the door, some are saying U Bloody Flower again!

Biologist Carol Tenkate says it’s hard to believe what she’s found According to him, the mask can mimic the human throat in the manner of a tear bird He went and found it himself In a 1986 recording, he found four ducks a year The Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is near Canberra

He kept repeating to people, “You bloody fu, you bloody fu …”

The Journal of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B published on Monday stated that they were uttering such words during intercourse.

A male masked caller uses this type of sound to check his opponents and at that time their tail is in a special position. Peter Fulger made this recording that he was intentionally stimulating the ducks Before the rapper started dancing, instead of making regular duck sounds, he started cursing There are more different sounds coming out of their throats Then Fulgar saw the smile lightly closing the door

The sonogram analyst said the sound was like the sound of a door closing near the sink, where the rapper was kept as a laughing stock.

Ten Kate says the reporter’s words suggest she heard those words as a child The rapper has shown vocal expressions found in singing birds, hummingbirds and pheasants.

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