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#Kolkata: Great punishment for small mistakes, less punishment for big mistakes. Different countries of the world have different rules regarding punishment and crime. Various offenses are punished according to the law. It is often heard that there is a debate about giving big punishment for very few mistakes. Sometimes the opposite comes to the ears. But you know, even if you forget your wife’s birthday, you get a huge punishment in a country (Jail for Forgetting Wife Birthday). Arrangements must be made in accordance with the law, maybe even jail. Yes, that’s right. (Jail for Forgetting Wife Birthday)

On the Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and New Zealand, is a small island nation called Samoa. The name of this island country means as beautiful as heaven. There are such strict rules in this country which is surrounded by really wonderful beauty. For husbands who forget their wives’ birthdays, this country is nothing less than hell. Of course, anyone’s birthday is very special. And if it is a dear and close person, then there is no question. Jail for Forgetting Wife Birthday in Samoa.

In Samoa, if a husband mistakenly forgets his wife’s birthday, he must be punished. Maybe even jail time. Can you think? Under Samoan law, it is a crime for a husband to make a mistake and miss his wife’s birthday. If the wife lodges a complaint with the police, the husband may have to go to jail. He was legally punished and then corrected in this country so that this mistake would never happen again.

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If you forget the first time, the police often release you with caution. And if it happens a second time, then there is no protection. The person may also be imprisoned as punishment. Examples of such strange laws and punishments are found in many countries of the world. You can’t leave home in North Korea wearing blue jeans, which is a legal crime. Jogging is legally punishable in East Africa. Chewing gum chewing is a crime in Singapore and abusing a dog is a legal crime in Oklahoma.

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