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Jamai Shashti Offerings – Hanglaatherium



Who- Hanglaatherium

What- Jamai Shasthi Special Menu

When- 25th May 2023

Time-  1pm to 10pm

Where- 188/31/A, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Lakegardens, Kolkata 700045.

Brief- It is time for some Jamai adore!For your son-in-law who loves a plateful of aromatic lavish meal options, Hanglaatherium’s Jamai Shasthi delectable combo menu will keep him happy on his special day. So, pre-order and grab this menu from Hanglaatherium, to satiate the taste buds of Bengali son-in-laws.

On the Menu –  Take your pick from two combo meals. The First Combo includes Halka lassi(Ghol), Chicken Pakora, Basanti Pulao, Aloo r dum, Boneless Machh, Kosha Mangsho, Aam er Chatni, Papad, Mishti. Second Combo includes Rose lassi, Chicken pakora, Fish tikka Kabab, Mutton biryani, Chicken Pasanda and Gulab Jamun.

Pocket Pinch- First Combo is Rupees 375+ GST and Rupees 400 + GST for the second Combo.

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