Japanese Princess Mako || The princess of Japan wants to marry an ordinary young man, not a prince! Do you know why?

#Japan: Be it Romeo-Juliet or Selim Anarkali’s story. In all cases it has been observed that the path of love is never smooth. Now the same thing applies to Princess Mako of Japan. It is rumored that Princess Mako of Japan is planning to tie the knot and go to America soon. Mako, the daughter of Crown Prince Akishino of Japan and nephew of Emperor Naruhito, has decided to marry her boyfriend Kei Komuro. And the tension has started since this decision. Besides, the princess has decided to get married leaving aside the old tradition of Japan. At the same time, Princess Mako has refused to accept the gift that is given to married women in the royal family. Japan’s imperial inheritance rules mean that if 29-year-old Princess Mako marries a commoner, she will lose her royal title.

On the other hand, there are allegations against the mother of Mako’s boyfriend Kamuro for not repaying the money taken from his ex-fianc এখনও yet. Soon after, a Japanese daily newspaper reported that the commotion started soon after the allegations were leaked. As a result of the tension, Mako and Kamuro postponed their wedding date and Kamuro moved to the United States to stay away from this negative issue. Crown Prince Akisino supports his daughter’s decision, but says his daughter Mako will have no problem with the marriage if she can win the public’s understanding. However, Mako is said to have decided to get married without any decision or ceremony from the royal family. He even disagreed with the royal payment. Although the exact amount is not known, sources say the amount is about 136 million yen or more.

Mako is reportedly planning to move to the United States after the marriage. Mako has a 14-year-old brother. His name is Prince Hisahito. At present his brother is the only worthy heir to the throne except Mako’s father. Because, the chrysanthemum throne in Japan can only go to male members of the family. Although no good answer has been found yet about the princess going to the United States. Many netizens have shared their views on the marriage of the princess on social media. A Japanese netizen wrote on Twitter, “Very few people would celebrate a princess wedding from the heart. I’m worried about his marriage. ” Another wrote, “Great. It’s the princess’s own decision. ” Only time will tell whether Princess Mako will leave her royal family and move to the United States in the future.

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