#Kolkata: The princess is married to an ordinary young man. No, not a movie screenplay. Very real. Which also defeats any story on the Rupoli screen. The incident happened in Japan. Princess Mako of Japan is married to her college friend Kei Komuro. Although the story is true – the princess married the lover of a very ordinary family only out of love. And from here the whole world is in turmoil. Why not, the princess had to leave the princess to marry the son of the common family.

It is learned that consent was not obtained from Macau’s father at first. But now they are going to get married with the consent. This has been known from various media sources.

Mako left all the possessions of the royal family and married his friend only out of love. They got engaged about four years ago. And they celebrated it on the 27th of this month. Princess Mako called a press conference and announced her marriage. He has already severed all ties with the royal family. Because according to Japanese law, no one in the dynasty can marry an ordinary young man or young man. Even if one is married, one has to give up all relations with the royal family.

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Who made such a rule for the royal family of Japan?

According to the royal family of Japan, they are the oldest monarchy. At present that kingdom is on King Naruhito. He took charge of the state in 2019. He is the 128th king of Japan. According to Nippon.com, there is no evidence that many monarchies exist in Japan. King Jinmu became the first king in 60 BC. Also in the monarchy of Japan a rule has been made on behalf of the royal family. According to that rule, only men could sit on the king’s throne for generations. This rule was introduced after 1947.

Another rule was introduced on behalf of the royal family. It says that if a woman of the royal family marries someone from an ordinary family, then that woman has to give up all relations with the royal family. And according to that rule, Macau also renounced all relations with the royal family. According to a media report, the number of members of the Japanese royal family is currently 18. Of which 12 are women and 5 are men. Those five have all the responsibility to continue the monarchy. Currently, the male members of the family include 6-year-old Naruhito, Macau’s uncle, Prince Hitachi, his brother, Macau’s 55-year-old father, Crown Prince Akishino, his nephew and Macor. Brother Hisahito.

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Has there been any attempt to change the whole monarchy?

A few days ago, a Japanese media outlet called Kyodo News cast a vote. The common people of Japan there said they wanted to see women in the monarchy. Because if women are employed to run the monarchy, it will be considered as a great success for the women and children of the royal family. According to various reports of the survey, the issue was once discussed within the royal family and there was a proposal to place women in the king’s seat. But after the birth of a son in the family in 2006, that discussion did not go ahead. About four decades later, a son was born into the Japanese royal family. In fact, there was no further discussion on the issue of marriages of royal women to men of ordinary families. A panel was formed to discuss the issue. In that discussion there were multiple discussions to bring women into the monarchy. But current Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is adamantly opposed. And he did not agree to bring women into the monarchy.

What do the common people of Japan have to say about marrying the child of this ordinary family of Princess Mako?

It is known that Mako and Komuro met in 2012. They were first introduced in 2012 at a college in Japan. Komuro grew up with his mother. The economic situation was not prosperous. It is learned that most of the expenses of Komuro’s school and college were borne by Komuro’s mother’s ex-boyfriend. Komuro worked in the Tokyo tourism industry. And he used to make money through it.

In 2016, there was an engagement between Mako and Komuro. And the following year, in 2016, they planned to get married. However, Macau’s father, Prince Akishino, refused. After that, it was possible to get consent from him in 2020 and they got married.

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What is the current situation?

According to various media reports, Kumoro and Mako are currently planning to leave for America. Because he is studying law from an educational institution there. Not only that, he has already got a job there. He is currently working on legal issues there. Macau studied at the Art Museum. However, he did not say whether he has any other plans at present. However, he said that he would have to leave the royal family. Because that is the rule of that family. After leaving the family, they are currently living in a house in Tokyo. Besides, his name is also changing after he got married. In that case, he will change his name now. And he will apply for a passport with a new name.

Kazuko Ito, secretary of Japan’s Human Rights Commission, told ABC News that it would be better for Mako if members of the royal family kicked him out of the house. Because this is the first time any woman in the royal family can live independently. He does not have to follow any specific rules.

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