Jeniffer Gates wedding: Jennifer, eldest daughter of Bill Gates, got married on 142 acres of land

Westchester: Jennifer Gates started a new life The eldest daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates (daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates) is married to Nayel Nasser. Egyptian young Nile is a show jumper equestrian by profession The wedding took place at Jennifer Gates’ house in Westchester, New York.

Jennifer wore Vera Wang’s full sleeve gown on her wedding day With long veil or vel 8 Jennifer wore light embroidered jewelry with a fine embroidered gown. Nail wore a black tuxedo, a white shirt and a bow tie 300 guests were invited to the wedding, which was held at Gates’ estate, spread over 142 acres of land.

Although a few months before the wedding, Bill and Melinda separated in August this year Their 28-year-old marriage has broken down Earlier in May, they announced the divorce decision However, they did not forget that they were not moving away from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Warren Buffett, a trustee other than Bill and Melinda, stepped down from the foundation’s board in June. It is rumored that Melinda will leave in two years if she and Bill Gates can’t work together.

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Bill and Melinda’s youngest daughter Phoebe is 19 years old Their son Rory is 22 years old Jennifer, the eldest of the siblings, is 25 years old He himself is an Equestrian He and Nayel have been together for several years Pictures of their royal wedding have been posted on social media Bill Gates is excited about his daughter’s marriage “It is impossible to express in words how happy I am to see you full of joy on your wedding day,” he wrote on Instagram. I am proud of both of you

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Melinda Gates wrote in her message, referring to Jennifer and Nile, “This light and the joy of celebrating is different.” The newlywed Jennifer’s response was brief. He wrote, ‘My world’

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