Kali Puja 2021: The only Kali Puja in the whole country, the Bengalis of Jakarta are doing Kamal

#Jakarta: If you want to say in words, the way is, the devotion of the Bengali mother Shyama, mother Kali is not to give up in any resistance. Shyama Pujo or Kalipujo is a name that has a lot of respect and love hidden in the hidden corners of the human mind. The Kalipujo is being successfully conducted on Jakarta soil for the second year in a row by the Kishore Kumar Fans Club of Jakarta and the Bengali Association at the same time.

Devotees of Maa Kali did not suppress their desire to worship Maa Kali in spite of the severe epidemic last year. That was their first and only Kalipujo in Jakarta, Indonesia. This year is the second year of their Sri Sri Om Jakarteshwari Maa Kalipujo, which the organizers of this puja are going to complete with great pomp and circumstance at the Shiva Temple in Pluit area of ​​Jakarta in compliance with the covid rules of all government and local authorities.

Kalipujo in Jakarta Kalipujo in Jakarta

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The puja schedule will start in the evening and end with the home yajna at midnight. Last year, their pandals were made in the same way as the Barwari Pujo in West Bengal. Last year, they made the pandal in the style of the temple of mother Kali of Dakshineswar. This year their pandal is being made in the style of a mandapa in rural Bengal. Pujo organizers go around different parts of Jakarta on the morning of Pujo and collect jaba flowers for mother Kali Pujo that is hard enough to find in a country like Indonesia. Jabar mala, 108 earthen lamps, pujo bhog prasad nothing is left out in the worship of their mother Kali. Just as the Bengalis there donate freely for this pujo, so many people irrespective of different provincial languages, castes are seen participating in this pujo.

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The way some Bengalis are carrying their own tradition, pujo rituals, even from so far away from West Bengal, Kolkata, on the soil of Jakarta, Indonesia, is truly admirable.

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