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Khola Mone Rang Berange by Shilpi Chakraborty & an idea opened up



The book Khola Mone Rang Berange written by writer Shilpi Chakraborty was unveiled today at the hands of West Bengal Government Minister Shobhandev Chattopadhyay.

The book release ceremony was attended by two joint commissions Anupam Halder and Panchali Munshi of West Bengal Government along with Professor Vishwanath Chakraborty, Dakshineshwar Bhavatarini Kali Mandir Achiparishad Kushal Chowdhury and many other dignitaries were present. Bad effect of mobile on children is the main topic of this book. Sahasranshu Patra was specially felicitated on the occasion. During the lockdown during the corona epidemic, this student’s eyesight increased while reading through virtual media. Currently, this student prefers to stay thousands of years away from mobile.

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