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#NewYork: Dedication of love. But again the sister king lion! Even where not there, a woman went to his house and offered love. This strange lover appeared in front of the lion after crossing the net at the zoo (Woman Proposing Lion Viral Video). Not only that, with a red rose in her hand, she stood up and said ‘I love you’.

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Nowadays, many people often do strange things to create a storm on social media. However, this woman’s action (Woman Proposing Lion Viral Video) has exceeded the level that can not wait to say. Absolutely Sageguje came in front of the lion’s cage and offered love to the lion. And this video of Woman Proposing Lion Viral Video was made by her husband. Surprised to hear? Nowadays, this viral video has taken social media by storm.

The incident took place at the Bronx Zoo in New York. Seeing a lion at a zoo there, the woman jumped up and rushed towards the lion. Wearing a red dress and a red rose in her hand, she even proposed to the lion with a smile on her face (Woman Proposing Lion Viral Video). He shook the red rose with both hands and said love. I said I love you to the lion. And the whole incident was captured on camera by her husband. Surprisingly, her husband did not stop his wife for once during the video.

The video of this scene went viral the moment it was shared on Netdunia. On the one hand, netizens are terrified, on the other hand, questions are being raised about the security of the Bronx Zoo. At the same time netizens question why the husband did not think about his wife’s safety while making such a risky video? However, whatever the question, this video has gone viral on social media.

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