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Dhaka: Bangladeshi actress Parimani was arrested last month in a drug case After his arrest, there was an uproar everywhere Parimani finally got bail a few days ago However, it goes without saying that these few days in jail were like a nightmare for the actress.

Several of her personal photos and videos went viral on social media shortly after her arrest They spread well in the net world One of the reasons, of course, was seen in a video with his girlfriend, a Dhaka police officer. 7 to Golam Saqlain A lot of practice started everywhere about his personal relationship with the actress, which of course did not stop even today. After being released from jail, Parimani came home and opened her mouth with the police about the video According to Bangladesh’s ‘Samay TV’, Parimani said that the videos on her phone have been made public.

Video Courtesy: Elias Hossain and Breaking News BD

The video shows the policeman’s birthday being celebrated Parimani is cutting a blue cake and feeding it to Saqlain with her own hands The actress fed the policeman a piece of cake not only with her hands but also with her face That video didn’t take long to go viral This time the heroine herself has opened her mouth about this issue “My phone and car were taken away by all the investigators,” he said. All the videos that came out were on that phone. No one has the right to leak my personal video. ” Parimani claims that she has been harassed a lot Police have also examined the CCTV footage of the house where he lives.

Apart from this, Parimani also said that a letter while in jail had given him special strength The Bangladeshi actress posted a letter on social media and wrote, ‘Nanu, I am fine. Don’t worry. I will see you soon. ‘ The letter is signed by Parimani’s grandfather Shamsul Haque Gazi. From which it is understood that it was written by the grandfather of the actress.

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