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#London: Even if there is no hyacinth in autumn, even if there is no smell of shardiya, Durga festival (Durga Puja 2021 | London) is also frozen in the year of exile. Because wherever there is a Bengali, the invocation of mother Durga is a traditional ritual. Pran’s pujo Durga pujo, so the arrival song is played abroad every year. And in the story of Prabasi Puja (Durga Puja 2021 | London), can London be left out? There is no less worship in the billet. And each of them has a different story, context. An atmosphere of family puja with great enthusiasm and excitement.

The pujo of the Bengali Association Midlands is today the largest pujo in Birmingham (Durga Puja 2021 | London) from a small club house pujo for 40 years. Last year there was a pujo with only members, but this year everyone is welcoming the pujo in Birmingham. However, a number of precautions have been taken to ensure that all guests follow the Kovid rules and attend pujas and ceremonies at a distance.

Kovid is still teary-eyed. Panic over the third wave, the Delta variant, has not yet subsided. Don’t rely on vaccines though. Almost everyone has already been vaccinated. So this year the panic is a little less. However, the pujo entrepreneurs do not want to leave any gap in awareness. It has been decided that time will be allotted to all except the members to give everyone a chance to see the idol properly (Durga Puja 2021 | London). As well as visitors have been made compulsory to be vaccinated. There will be adequate sanitation system.

Mahalaya was celebrated on 2nd October before Durga Puja (Durga Puja 2021 | London). There were songs, dances, and plays. Pujo will follow the schedule. Every episode of Durga worship will be celebrated every day according to the rules. Kalabau bath, Ashtami Anjali, Sandhipujo to abandonment will all be in accordance with the calendar. However, no outside artist has been invited to the Pujo event this year. Entrepreneurs have made this decision keeping in mind the Kovid infection.

Preparations for Pujo are in full swing now. The new idol this time. Pandels are being made, not in closed halls, to bring the atmosphere of the country. There will be thermocol work across the pandal. Last minute finishing touch in progress.

The organizers said, “We have a brand new idol. The new goddess idol came last year. But last year very few people saw this new idol because not everyone could come. The idol is kept in the association’s storage all year round. Due to the association’s own large building Lakshmi, Ganesha, Saraswati pujo, Kali pujo and even Kartik pujo.

All visitors are provided with food on behalf of the association. The organizers of Pujo and the members of Shodhara forget to take this day off and start working on Pujo. In their words, “It is hard work, but the joy of Pujo fades that fatigue. And in this way the Bengalis of the Bengali Association Midlands are taking Pujo forward.

The newest pujo in London is the Bengali pujo in Billet. This ‘biba’ gave people the opportunity to watch pujo at home during the horrible time of Pandemic last year. This year the pujo is at the Jorastron Center. Even though the age is low, the combination of experience can be found in the organization of this pujo. Not only Durgotsabai, Mahalaya is celebrated by the Bengalis in the billet with great pomp. Pujo weekend has various events and various stalls. From local Bengali food to sari Punjabi May Puja anniversary, all will be available in these stalls. In Pujopara, London, Bengali has become a center of attraction in the name of Bengali. All in all, the preparation of the pujo of Jamjamat Bilet.

Photos and information: Tanvistha Dasgupta

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