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#California: Wherever the Bengali is, whenever Durgapujo arrives, his mind is swept away by the Shardiya image. In the alleys of the mind, the familiar word “Kurur Kurur Tak”! Some of these Bengali hearts suddenly thought of performing Durga Puja (Durga Puja 2021) 42 autumn ago today in California on the west coast of America. It started small that day. Today, Durga Puja (Durga Puja 2021) has become the attraction of many expatriate Bengalis.

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Durgapujo, which was first started in 1989, will be held from October 15 to 18. Preparations are in full swing (Durga Puja 2021). But in the Corona situation, Kovid rules have been kept in mind. It is important for adults to have a certificate of taking two doses of Corona Ticker. Masks must be worn in enclosed areas or halls. Sanitizers and other covid rules must be followed.

This is not the end, said Rahul Gangopadhyay, president of the Bengali Association of Southern California (BASC, LA). There will be a daily stream of puja outside the hall so that everyone can watch the puja ceremony beautifully without the crowd. The show will also be shown live. There will also be open air tents outside the hall. There will be sanitizing stations. Not one, but several. There will be separate tents for tea, coffee and water.

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But beyond the strictures of the Covid Rules (BASC, LA), there is nothing wrong with the festive mood. Mom is coming. So the crackdown has started several months ago. On the one hand, the preparation of Pujo is going on, on the other hand, the rehearsal of the cultural program. The same idol is worshiped (BASC, LA) for five consecutive years. The statue of the mother was changed every five years. Mandapa decoration, from dhunuchi dance, everything is in this three-day fort festival. And all in all, the weekend expatriate Durga Pujo was frozen.

This time BASC is preparing Pujo by following strict rules This time BASC is preparing Pujo by following strict rules

The highlight of this year’s Pujo program is the live performance of Kavita Krishnamurti. On Saturday night, October 16, Mumbai’s famous artist Mancha Mataben will be with his band. However, there are also programs for local artists and young people. Songs, dances, myths, nothing will be left out. The rehearsal is going on. Frequent meetings are going on with the practice of the program and last minute pandal decoration, menu of enjoyment, schedule of pujo. In a word, the preparation of Pujo of BASC is in full swing.

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