Luana Kazaki: Husband’s belt around his neck! Wife licking shoes like a dog in a restaurant! The world is surprised to see the action! Viral video

# Brazil: It is the responsibility of the people to keep track of what they do. The best creatures in the world are human beings. Human beings are the best of all because human intellect is more than other animals. However, when there is a distraction, the matter becomes completely different. As in the case of one of the most popular models in Brazil (Luana Kazaki).

The model’s name is Luana Kazaki. Luana is a popular model in Brazil. He is also seen in soft porn movies. She shared all those videos on her Instagram (Luana Kazaki). That is what this popular model did with her husband, which is to be feared.

This model (Luana Kazaki) recently wore a dog belt around the necks of her husband Arthur and Urso. Dressed in black and wearing a dog-like mask, he took to the streets. Just don’t go out. First went to the train station. From there he went to a famous restaurant. There her husband was seen behaving like a pet dog with Luana.

Luana Kazaki is licking her shoes. Just like a dog. This image was captured on camera by many Brazilians. Not only that, they also did a photoshoot. What does it mean to do so?

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Luana Kazaki told a news conference that she and her husband had done so with their own consent. They want to keep the love alive among themselves. And they do many things to bring novelty in life and love. Distorted brain or not! Luana’s clear answer was that he did not hurt anyone. Or did anything to spread violence. So no one should object to it. It is nothing more than an attempt to increase their own love.

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However, many people have criticized the sharing of this picture (Luana Kazaki) on Twitter. Many have said what is needed to do this. No healthy person does that. These are a kind of mental problem. However, at present, many people are seen to cause such strange incidents. This is like marrying a doll. Divorce the pressure cooker. None of this is the case.

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