#Jakarta: Nothing goes viral on social media every day. How many pictures and videos from different parts of the world catch the eye of netizens. And if you like them, share and comment one after another. And after that they go viral (Viral Picture). Recently, the world is shocked to hear the story of an Indonesian resident. Do you know why? Khairul Anam has taken social media by storm by marrying his own rice cooker. The man has married his own rice cooker in a wedding dress. He also shared that picture on Facebook. And that picture has gone viral on social media in no time.

Khairul posted all those pictures on Facebook after marrying Rice Cooker last week. He decorated his wife with a white rice cooker covered with a white veil. As can be seen in the picture, Khairul is marrying the rice cooker sitting in front of the register. After the marriage is over, he is kissing his new wife. Khairul has signed the marriage certificate sitting next to the rice cooker. The case of this Indonesian man has now become a hot topic on social media (Viral Picture).

Posting the pictures, Khairul wrote, ‘Farsa, listens, loves and cooks well’. In other words, he claims that Khairul married her for these qualities of a rice cooker. Netizens have naturally noticed Khairul’s activities. His film has received many comments and likes. Many have also wished him a happy marriage.

But sadly, Khairul divorced Rice Cooker within four days. Because, Rice Cooker can only cook. He can’t do any more work. An inanimate object can never be like a human being. In fact, Khairul Anam is a popular Indonesian artist. He did this for stunts and entertainment on social media. Marriage and divorce are all, in fact, Khairul has caught the eye of social media.

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