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Model is not happy to increase the beauty by spending 10 lakhs! Want to get back the old face – News18 Bangla


#NewYork: Every human being comes into the world with some or the other beauty of their own. However, many do not like the God-given natural beauty. But then people started experimenting to beautify themselves externally without looking at the inner beauty (Experiments on Beauty). Although in the end the efforts of many are in vain. Not only is he artificially beautiful, but he also loses the beauty found in the lineage (Viral News). Again, no one’s new look is like the mind. As happened in the case of one American model. At the age of only 21 years, the model did not like the new beauty of the popular beauty treatment (Popular Beauty Treatments).

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A model named Candice Kloss has done a lot of testing on her face in the last 2 years. For which he did not reduce the cost! He has spent 10 lakh rupees for facial filler. But the young woman was not happy with the results. Rather, according to the model, he has forgotten his old face and wants to get it back.

Candice Claus is a resident of New York City, USA. The 21-year-old model wanted to look like a doll. However, despite the madness towards beauty, the model is not far behind in intelligence. Candice has an IQ of 136 and is a member of Mensa, a club known to many. He was mad to look good even from the top in intelligence. For which he has used all the fillers in the last 2 years. By spending more than 10 lakh rupees, he got a completely different and fake look. But he was not satisfied with that either. Instead, after a few days, I started to remember his old face. Even now he regrets his decision

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Incidentally, Candice has 42,000 followers on Instagram, but Candice herself is tired of this fake look now. Candice says she wants to be normal now. In 2021 she took fillers on her lips, cheeks and jaw which ended her natural beauty. He realizes that this artificiality has actually damaged his face and will soon make him look old. So now Candice is trying to melt her filler and get back to her old look.

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