Modi Meets Kamala Harris: ‘Indians are waiting for you’, Modi calls Kamala Harris ‘true friend, source of inspiration’ …

#Washington: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was impressed with Kamala Harris at the first meeting. During his visit to the US, Modi described Kamala Harris, the first US Vice President of Indian descent, as an “inspiration” to all. At the same time, he invited Kamala (Modi Meets Kamala Harris) to come to India.

US Vice President Kamala Harris and Prime Minister Narendra Modi met at the White House on Friday. Modi-Kamala Harris discusses various issues, including the situation in Afghanistan and Kovid. Praising Kamala, the Prime Minister said, “Your fight for the post of Vice President of the United States was a very important and historic event. You are the inspiration all over the world. I am confident that under the leadership of President Biden and you, bilateral relations between the two countries (India-US relations) will reach a new height. “

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Inviting Modi Meets Kamala Harris to India, the Prime Minister said, “India and America have very similar values ​​and political interests. In addition, the connection and relationship between the two countries (India US relationship) is gradually increasing. The way you are succeeding in America, the Indians want you to maintain that trend in India in the days to come. All Indians are waiting for you, that is why I invite you to visit India. ”

When India was devastated by the second wave of the Corona, the United States extended a helping hand. Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not forget to thank for that work. “I sincerely thank America for standing by me in times of danger,” he said.

In response, Kamala Harris said, “At a time when corona infections were on the rise in India, the United States was extending a helping hand. We are also proud to be able to do that. I am announcing that India will soon start exporting vaccines. In this context, Ratha should say that India is vaccinating one crore people daily. ”

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In addition to Kamala Harris, the Prime Minister also met with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshida Sugar. This is the first time Prime Minister Narendra Modi has met Shinzo Abe since he took over as Prime Minister of Japan in September last year.

The Prime Minister also met Qualcomm and Adobe officials on Thursday. From 5G technology to solar power – they discussed a number of important issues. They also discussed what industries can be started in India.

Prime Minister Modi will meet US President Joe Biden on Friday. The prime minister will meet Biden for the first time since taking office, despite earlier phone calls. Apart from the meeting between the heads of the two countries, the Prime Minister will also hold meetings with the member countries of the quad. The meeting could focus on the situation in Afghanistan and increasing cooperation between the countries in the Mediterranean region.

Foreign Secretary Harsh Sringla said the bilateral talks were fruitful and amicable enough. He said the meeting discussed climate change, terrorism, cyber security, space and other issues. Sringla said when the issue of terrorism came up, US Vice President Kamala Harris mentioned Pakistan’s role in that. Sringla also pointed out the need to control and closely monitor Pakistan’s support for such terrorist groups.

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