# Berlin: If there is ever a bad child, the bad mother is never. The most common proverbial sentence proved to be false. To a mother, her child is the most important thing in the world. The mother killed her child. Again five. A German court has sentenced a woman to life in prison for killing five children. The woman killed five of her six children. His sentence was announced on Thursday. News AFP.

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The 26-year-old woman’s name is Christian K. He was convicted of killing children by dipping or suffocating them in bathtub water in September 2020. The bodies of the woman’s three daughters and two sons were recovered in the town of Solingen. The three girls are said to be one, two and three years old respectively. On the other hand, one of the two boys was 6 years old and the other was 8 years old. Their bodies were wrapped in towels on the bed.

At that time, the woman fell under a train at Duesseldorf station and tried to commit suicide. But he was rescued alive and his injuries were not serious. Fortunately, her 11-year-old son survived the murder because he was in school at the time. Prosecutors say the woman mixed sleeping pills into her breakfast before killing the children. Prosecutors have called for the woman to be sentenced to life in prison for the heinous murder. Prosecutors say their mother, Christian K, took advantage of the defense of the defenseless children.

Christian, however, claimed his innocence. He said a man wearing a mask broke into his flat and killed his children. But investigators did not find the truth of his claim. The investigation has revealed that the woman’s husband recently got involved in a new relationship. Upon learning that, the woman told her husband that she would never see her children again. However, it is not the same thing to say or do. But no one could have guessed that the woman would actually cause such a big event.

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