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MP gives birth after cycling, New Zealand MPs ride bicycles – News18 Bangla


# Auckland: New Zealand MP Gives Birth After Cycling And gave birth to a beautiful child. The fame of this woman MP was noticed all over the world on Sunday. New Zealand MP Julie Anne Genter is being talked about on social media and netizens have called her Kurnish (MP Gives Birth After Cycling). The MP shared the whole incident and the picture of the child on Facebook. He also gave a picture of Ekartti. (MP Gives Birth After Cycling)

It is learned that Julie Anne Granter felt labor pains last Sunday. After that he did not wait any longer. Cycling yourself to the hospital (New Zealand MP Cycling). An hour later she gave birth to a child. She then shared the news of giving birth to a child on social media. Both maternity and newborns are known to be healthy. Julie Anne is known as Gunter Green MP. He is at the center of discussions for environmental awareness campaigns. Jury Anne Gunter has dual citizenship in the US and New Zealand. He was born in Minnesota. But he moved to New Zealand in 2006 and settled there.

New Zealand MP Julie Anne Gunter wrote on her Facebook page, ‘At three or four in the morning I greeted the youngest member of my family. I had no plans to reach the hospital by bicycle. But that is what happened. ‘ His caption, ‘Big news! Today at 3.04 am we welcome a new member to our family. I was really planning to ride a bike to break a sweat. However, this incident happened suddenly. My pain was slight when I left for the hospital. But by the time I reached the hospital about 10 minutes later, the pain had intensified. Surprisingly now a healthy, little one is sleeping, just like his father is sleeping. ‘

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Earlier, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden attended a UN meeting with her three-month-old baby. At that time she also breastfed the child. There was a lot of discussion about it all over the world.

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