Narendra Modi meets Naftali Bennett: ‘Join my team!’ Narendra Modi got an offer abroad, who gave it?

#Glasgow: He is very popular in Israel So Prime Minister Narendra Modi was invited to join his political party by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. The Israeli prime minister made the offer in a mild mood at a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Glasgow climate summit.

A video of the conversation between the two leaders has been published on social media There, the Prime Minister of Israel (India-Israel Relationship) is heard to say to Narendra Modi, “You are the most popular man in Israel. Come and join me. ‘ Narendra Modi burst into laughter when he heard the message from the Israeli Prime Minister.

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Bennett came to power last June, ousting Benjamin Netanyahu This is the first time since then that he has met the Prime Minister of India During the meeting, the two leaders emphasized on India-Israel relations and further cooperation in advanced technology and innovation. Modi and Bennett also had little talk during the climate summit on Monday Referring to the talks, Modi said Indians value friendship with Israel.

The Prime Minister’s Office tweeted, “Friendship with Israel has become stronger. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Naftali Bennett had a fruitful meeting in Glasgow. The two leaders discussed how to enhance mutual cooperation in the interest of the people of the two countries.

Next year, full diplomatic relations between India and Israel will enter 30 years On this occasion, Narendra Modi also invited Bennett to visit India The Israeli Prime Minister also said that the relationship between India and Israel is not just based on interests, it is based on heart. Bennett urges Narendra Modi to take bilateral relations to new heights

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