#Connecticut: The North American public NASKA Kali Puja (Kali Puja 2021 Connecticut) was held to celebrate Diwali. This pujo of Connecticut is quite old today. This pujo, which started in 2010, has turned twelve years old today. The glamor has increased little by little. The number of people involved has increased. This pujo of North America is now the pujo of the life of the Bengalis here.

As always, this year too, NASKA organized Kali Puja in the previous weekend in accordance with the Kovid rules. Kali Puja 2021 Connecticut is held on October 30. And the people of two nearby Bengalis gathered there.

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The number of visitors this year was limited in the Pandemic atmosphere. Kali Puja 2021 Connecticut is organized in accordance with all the Kovid protocols in Corona situation. All the visitors who wanted to come to Pujo were requested to come to Pujo (Kali Puja 2021 Connecticut) with vaccination. That’s how everyone came to the festival premises.

In addition to the devotional worship of Kali Mother, organizing Pujo (Kali Puja 2021 Connecticut), etc., one of their attractions every year is the cultural program. Famous artists of Kolkata-Mumbai also came. The local Bengalis here also rehearse, dance-song-drama. But this year is different. The terror of the deadly virus still lingers in people’s minds. Therefore, the organizers of NASKA Kali Puja have stopped the cultural program in the extreme weather this year.

However, if it was not a cultural event, there would be no gap in devotional mother worship this time as well. The main attraction of this year was the mandapa built in the style of Dakshineswara temple. At the end of the puja, the food is distributed among the people. In addition to this, arrangements were also made to provide food in packets for all the visitors present as usual.

In this way this pujo became the meeting place of Ganga and Padma In this way this pujo became the meeting place of Ganga and Padma

This year, the pujo precinct became a meeting place for Bengalis and Bengalis in the gathering of Bengalis from two nearby Bengalis, unless an artist was brought from Kolkata and Mumbai in the Corona situation this year. One of the members, Dhrujyoti Chatterjee, said, “Although it was not a cultural event, NASKA organized the event through a virtual one last year. There are plans to do the same in the coming days.”

Every year, several days before the puja, the NASKA committee decides the pujo day-moment, pujo premises and rules through discussions. This time too, all the decisions related to pujo are taken by discussing every week. The members of the target committee manage all the work of Pujo smoothly.

The old idol has been worshiped for so long. This year NASKA was engaged in the worship of the mother in the same idol for 12 years. At the end of the pujo, the mother is not abandoned. The statue is kept in weather controlled storage. Wait another year. Even in the minds of the expatriate Bengalis that bad tune ‘next year will be again.’

Report Source: Dhrujyoti Chatterjee

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