#Kolkata: The corpses help the travelers to identify the road. Wondering what to do again! That is the truth. Over the years, more than 300 bodies have been found on the summit of Everest, marking the end of the expedition. The area has even been named after explorers and Sherpas.

This area is known as the “Rainbow Valley”. The name is due to the brightness of the colorful costumes worn by the dead explorers on the Everest expedition. The Sherpas claim that the clothing worn by these bodies lying in the white snow shows them the right way and warns them a bit. However, Sherpas or explorers do not come in contact with these bodies.

Touching the bodies is an indication that the journey is bad. As a result, no one goes around the bodies. The question is, why the government of Nepal is not working to remove these bodies! While the Nepalese government has earned 23 million from the campaign this year, why aren’t they working to get rid of this body!

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The tourism department of the Nepal government claims that most of the bodies are foreign tourists. In that case, neither the families of the migrants nor the government of that country have appealed or expressed their desire to rescue the bodies. So it was not possible to download them Somewhere along the way, the comrades of the dead explorers have left their comrades with the flag of their country in their honor.

Later, the explorers of that country once stood in the “Rainbow Valley” and paid homage to the dead explorers of their country. Sherpas, on the other hand, claim that it is very difficult to get the bodies down from where they are. The bodies are just before the “Hillary Step” just before the summit of Everest. Some of the bodies were later dropped on the “Hillary Steppe” in the valley. Because the Hillary Step is the last difficult road in this campaign. This Hillary step has to be crossed one by one.

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In that case if the body is left on that road then other explorers will not be able to proceed through there. The Dead Valley or the Rainbow Valley is located just above the summit camp of the Everest expedition. There are about three hundred bodies in this valley at the moment. Which is from 2006, which is even earlier.

The companies involved in the Everest expedition claim that it costs 2-3 lakh rupees to land a body. In that case, if the family or the government is not enterprising, it is not possible to remove the body On the other hand, it is possible to take the body down to the third or fourth camp. But the cost and risk of lowering the body above it are twofold.

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