Nobel in Physics 2021 | From climate change to the chaos of the universe, the Nobel Prize in Physics awarded the trio

# Stockholm: Three scientists won the Nobel in Physics (Nobel in Physics 2021) for two separate studies. On the one hand, the award-winning American scientist of Japanese descent Syukuro Manabe and the German scientist Klaus Hasselmann. The award was given to the Italian and scientist Giorgio Parisi. The Nobel Prize committee made it clear on Tuesday that two issues have been prioritized this year. One is climate, the other is the physical system of planets and stars. Manabe researched the first subject and Hasselman studied the second subject by the Italian scientist Parisi.

Sukuro Manabe and Klaus Haselman have been working on the greenhouse effect for a long time. Manabe explained in his notebook exactly how much damage the greenhouse effect was going to do in the 1980s. Hazelman, meanwhile, has shown in more detail the causes of climate change. How much the environment changes itself and how much the environment changes due to various man-made factors, was understood from Haselman’s research. Half of the value of the Nobel Prize will be divided between them.

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Giorgio Parisi will get the other half. The research of this scientist from Sapienza University in Rome has opened a new way to understand the universe. The reason why all the objects in the universe are constantly creating chaotic conditions is because Parisi has shed light on the nature of chaos. Last year, the study of the universe also won the Nobel Prize in Physics. Roger Penrose, Reinhard Gengel and Andrea Ghez were rewarded for discovering information about black holes.

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