New York: What a mess! Danger of eating pizza 7 Because the nut-bolt was found in the pizza! Seeing that, the young woman is not panicking anymore And that is normal There is only one thing on his face now, ‘Bhagjis, I saw it at the right time Otherwise what would have happened if I had swallowed them with pizza! ‘

The incident happened in America 7 at Thornton-Cleveleys Branch, Fleetwood Rd North How much more is there in pizza topping besides extra cheese? But in this case there was a nut-bolt! It is found in the pizza of a popular multinational company Uploading pictures of pizza with ‘nut-bolt’ on social media, the young woman wrote, ‘Please take a good look at your own pizza from now on. I’m very scared. I can not think, what would happen if they ate! And no one should face such an experience. The pizza company 8 immediately returned the money to the girl after apologizing to her

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