Sunday, July 3, 2022

OMG! The tenant left the house but also left 19 tarantulas and 1 snake


# Maine: Landlord-Tenant fight is heard everywhere. However, what happened this time caught the eye of many landlords After the tenant leaves the house, the landlord appears and dies Because the tenant vacate house has vacated the house but left more than a dozen poisonous tarantulas and a whole snake (tenant left tarantula and snake)! Seeing all this, the landlord started trembling with fear He called the local wildlife rescue center Want help 6 He requested that they come and rescue all these animals from his house

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The incident took place in Auburn, Maine, USA This fatal incident happened there After vacating the rented house, the landlord went there and saw this situation He is naturally frightened by 19 tarantulas and 1 snake. After getting his phone, a person came from the wildlife department Drew Desjardin came to rescue the animals There he found that 4 out of 19 tarantulas had died There is no water in the body of the snake As a result, he is also leading After rescuing them, Desjardin 7 brought them to his house For now, the rescued animals are said to be healthy

According to an international news agency, all of these animals are banned in the Maine area That is the crime of leaving them openly An investigation is underway into how the tenant collected them and hid them in the house

The person who rescued the animals is the one who posted all the pictures on social media From which the incident has been made known And the people of the area are terrified by that Even the pictures have received a response on social media

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