online class: Ongoing online class! A class 5 student died when his mobile phone exploded

#Vietnam: The coronavirus has changed our lives a lot. In the last two years, people all over the world have done almost everything from home. Work from home came to the office. And instead of school, online class has started. The children no longer go to school. School classes run from home. And for that all schools take classes online. The habit of studying in this way has become almost universal.

Online class means a good net connection (online class) and a smartphone or laptop. Most of the students take online classes on mobile phones. And while doing this online class, a student of class 5 died.

The incident happened in Vietnam. The student had put the phone in charge while doing the online class. The class was going on like every day. Suddenly the mobile phone exploded. The phone exploded in front of my eyes. And immediately the student was injured.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital. The doctors there saw that the student was seriously injured. Treatment begins immediately. But after a while the student died. This horrible incident casts a shadow of mourning over the family.

An incident like this came up a few days ago (online class). There was a student who charged a phone during an online class. The current goes on the whole body of the phone. The student died in that electric leg.

After all these incidents came to light, many people are quite panicked (online class). However, experts say that while taking online classes, care should be taken that mobile phones are not charged. Family people need to be aware. Because online classes last about 5 to 6 hours. If this whole time the phone is charged and run, the possibility of a mishap remains. In that case, you have to start the class only after charging the phone in advance.

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