Online Shopping: This woman paid off the loan of 16 lakh rupees in 11 months just to stop Amazon shopping

#London: The elders of the house always advise to buy something with a cool head and thought. You should buy only those things that are necessary or useful But the younger generation is blowing the word out and shopping like themselves and squandering their savings, pocket money or their hard-earned money on Amazon. That’s what Jema Jordan used to do He used to buy whatever he wanted He was absolutely addicted to shopping In online shopping, who used to loot money Shopping addiction was driving him away, and after quitting, he realized how addictive he was to online shopping. So far he has spent millions of rupees in this way

When 40-year-old Jema downloads a money management app to reduce her expenses, she realizes how much she was wasting each month. He used to spend this extra money on online shopping He stopped shopping on Amazon for one year and paid off ধার 16,000 in one year.

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Jema, a mother of two from Shrewsbury, England, wanted to know where the money was going He borrowed 16,000 pounds, which is about 16 lakh rupees But he did not understand where the money was going So to control the cost, he installed a money management app on his phone That helps him to open his eyes He was a shopping addict on Amazon He used to spend thousands of rupees every month

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According to a report in the Mirror, he stopped shopping on Amazon after learning of his addiction. I haven’t ordered anything online for about 6 months As a result, his Bahutata survived He also stopped shopping at the sugar food shop In 11 months, he repaid a loan of 16 lakh rupees

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