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OnlyFans model accused of killing boyfriend called him a racial slur in cellphone recordings

An OnlyFans model accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend in their Miami apartment called him a racial slur during an intense argument before his death, cellphone recordings reveal.

The recordings were made by Christian Obumseli before he was killed on April 3. His girlfriend, Courtney Clenney, was arrested in Hawaii in August while she was in rehabilitation for substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. She was charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon.

Christian Toby Obumseli and Courtney Clenney.
Christian Toby Obumseli and Courtney Clenney. christianvstoby via instagram

The recordings, which show very little video, were obtained by NBC News through a records request with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. A spokesperson said they do not know the exact dates the recordings were made. 

In one of them, the couple appears to be arguing about Obumseli saying hello to a girl on a bike ride.

“What is going on?” Obumseli asks. “Are you gonna get this mad at me when I’m apologizing to you.”

“Drop your high pitch,” she screams.

He responds: “OK. I’m not doing it on purpose.”

Obumseli starts to apologize to Clenney but she cuts him off. “Shut up and let me f—ing slap you,” she yells before demanding Obumseli find her cellphone.

At one point, Clenney is heard calling Obumseli, who is Black, the N-word. At other points, she is heard crying hysterically. 

In another recording, Clenney asks Obumseli if he’s done “gaslighting” her.

“Courtney, that’s a f—ing threat,” he responds. “I apologized but you hit me.”

It’s not clear what events led up to the recordings.

Frank Prieto, an attorney for Clenney, and Larry Handfield, an attorney for Obumseli’s family, could not immediately be reached on Thursday.

Prieto told NBC Miami that the recordings do not provide context and reiterated statements he made earlier that his client was defending herself on the night Obumseli was killed.

“She’s not going to trial for her lifestyle, her previous arguments, or recorded rants. She is going to trial for defending herself against a violent struggle with her ex-boyfriend for which she feared for her life; Courtney is a victim of domestic abuse,” he said.

The pair had been in a relationship since November 2020. Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle has said that it was an “extremely tempestuous and combative” relationship and labeled Clenney as the aggressor.

Other videos that have been released show Clenney appearing to initiate a physical assault on Obumseli in an elevator in February. Another shows her asking officers for a restraining order against him after an employee in their apartment building called the police.

A 911 recording from the day Obumseli died was also released. In it, Clenney apologizes to Obumseli and tells the operator that her “boyfriend is dying of stab wound.” He is heard in the call repeatedly saying that he cannot feel his arms.

He was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Clenney, who appeared on OnlyFans under the name Courtney Tailor and has 2 million followers on Instagram, is being held without bail in a Miami-Dade County jail as she awaits trial.

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