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#Delhi: Pakistani Army Officers Working in Chinese Army working in China Such information has come into the hands of Indian intelligence According to intelligence sources, the liaison officers of the Pakistan Army have been deployed at the headquarters of the Chinese Army (PLA) Western Theater Command and the Southern Theater Command. Their main job is to increase the exchange of information between the military forces of the two countries

The Chinese Army’s Western Theater Command is in charge of guarding the border with India. They are also responsible for guarding the borders of Xinjiang and Tibet Autonomous Region. Last month, General Wang Haijiang was appointed by the Chinese military to head the Western Command.

According to official sources, the Indian and Chinese forces (PLA) have started the process of reducing their troops on the Ladakh border, but the PLA is still deploying a significant amount of troops there.

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Southwestern Command, on the other hand, is responsible for guarding the borders of special administrative zones such as Hong Kong and Macau. According to intelligence sources, officers of the rank of Colonel of Pakistan have been posted in the Joint Staff Department of the Central Military Commission of the PLA. This branch of the PLA is responsible for determining and training the tactics of their armed forces.

Besides, six Pakistani officers have also been sent to the Chinese Ministry of National Security According to China’s official spokesman, the Global Times, China’s Ministry of National Security is responsible for preventing espionage and protecting political figures.

According to Indian intelligence, at least 10 other Pakistani army officers and defense ministry officials have been posted at the Pakistani embassy in Beijing. According to sources, the number of Pakistani army officers in the Chinese army has increased significantly. It is clear from this that there is a close coordination between China and Pakistan at the moment

According to a 2016 report in the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, a special force of 9,000 Pakistani soldiers and 8,000 paramilitary personnel was formed to secure the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project. In 2019, Pakistan also said it would build a strong force to protect Chinese citizens and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. India is keeping a close eye on the whole issue as the friendship between China and Pakistan is deepening.

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