Pakistan denies Indian invitation: India meeting on peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan returned the invitation for any reason!

#Kolkata: Pakistan (Pakistan denies Indian invitation) will not attend the November 10 meeting in India. Pakistan’s National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf has said he will not attend a meeting of security advisers in India on November 10. On the same day, India invited five countries, including Pakistan, to a meeting in Delhi on the situation in Afghanistan. After receiving the invitation, the Pakistani national security adviser said he would not come to India.

Besides Pakistan, India has invited security advisers from Russia, China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to the meeting. Speaking on the sidelines of the meeting, Yusuf, a Pakistani security adviser who did not name India, said the peacemakers could never restore peace. In Yusuf’s words, “regional efforts to restore peace have failed because of India.”

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“We have said before that if India moves forward with peace, we will move forward. But in that case, some preconditions have to be met. His argument is that it is not possible to move forward bilaterally with the principles and ideals of the present Indian government,” he said.

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India wanted to hold the meeting in April with a representative of the then Ashraf Ghani government. But due to the second wave of corona, all the plans have to be canceled. Meanwhile, the Taliban aggression in Afghanistan began soon after. When the government fell, Ashraf Ghani was forced to leave the country.

India recently attended a meeting in Moscow where Taliban representatives were also present. There was also a brief discussion between the Indian delegation and the Taliban representatives. Iran also recently convened a regional meeting on the situation in Afghanistan. However, India did not get a call.

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