Panjshir update | That would be the last day for the Taliban to be punished, Masood’s roar over rumors of occupation

#Kabul: Panjshir has been taken over by the Taliban, Ahmed Masood dismissed the Pakistani media’s claim. Ahmed Masood, the son of Afghan nationalist hero Ahmad Shah Masood, says, “Such a day will be the last day of my life.” Ahmed Masood says the Northern Alliance is still fighting the Taliban with its head held high. Besides, they are also blowing up the rumors of Amrullah Saleh fleeing the country. The whole thing is a fabricated fabrication by the Taliban-friendly Pak media, says Saleh himself.

The US troops left Afghanistan on August 31. The only thorn in the side of the Taliban is now the Panjshir resistance. The Taliban are desperately trying to uproot the thorns. Amrullah Saleh left the country after the Taliban spread rumors in a section of the international media yesterday. Panjshir is now under Taliban control. The Ahmed-Saleh duo has come forward to answer this. “There is no question without the country. I am on the side of the Panjshir fighters. Every effort is being made to prevent a Taliban attack,” Saleh said. While acknowledging the damage, he says the fighting will not stop. Note that this same spirit has shown in the past against the Soviet aggression, 1996-2001 against the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the Google accounts of several former Afghan government employees have been shut down today. Using biometric and payroll data, the Taliban can capture many people’s personal information, which can then be used. Google has taken this step keeping this possibility in mind.

Note that the Taliban government is being formed in Afghanistan within 15 days of taking power. According to sources, a religious council has been formed which will be in charge of various offices. This will include Taliban of all ages. No girls were given a place in the council.

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