Friday, July 1, 2022

Panjshir Vs Taliban in Afghanistan: Taliban are sending hundreds of fighters to catch Panjshir, ‘Lion Cubs’!


#Kabul: Most of Afghanistan is now under Taliban control. The streets are celebrating the victory of the Taliban. But the Taliban have not yet captured the remote Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan. On the contrary, the Taliban has to face obstacles there again and again. So the Taliban set out to seize Panjshir. Thousands of Taliban have already been sent to Panjshir. Resistance against the Taliban has been seen even among ordinary Afghans. Many people say that Panjshir has awakened the courage of that resistance.

Panjshir means five lions. In the tenth century, five brothers built a dam in the province to hold floodwaters. Since then the name is Panjshir. It is said that the dam was built for Sultan Mahmud Ghajini. Panjshir is one of the most remote areas in Afghanistan. One lakh people live.

Panjshir is a big challenge for the Taliban. Because this province is naturally known as a fort. The Hindu Kush Mountains surround the province. A piece of flat in the middle. This is why the occupation of Panjshir has become a big challenge for the Taliban.

In fact, the ‘lion cub’ Ahmed Masud lives in Panjshir. Under his leadership, the fight against the Taliban is going on in Panjshir. Amrullah Saleh, the vice president of Ashraf Ghani era, also joined hands with Ahmed Masood. A large part of the Afghan army has also joined Masud since the Taliban took over. That is why he is not leaving to warn the Taliban. Although a Taliban source claimed that Ahmed Masood had been given four hours to surrender. Although Masood is not a servant of kneeling.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, meanwhile, is reportedly mediating between the Taliban and Masood. There were rumors that Masood’s forces could surrender and join hands with the Taliban government. But that possibility was soon ruled out. So the Taliban are sending hundreds of fighters there to capture Panjshir.

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