Kabul: Everybody has seen videos of panicked Afghans running around Kabul airport after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. Civilians in Kabul have been seen hanging from the wheels of planes in hopes of escaping the Taliban. Some people ran and fell and were trampled Some people have been seen falling from the plane in the sky The whole world has seen this horrible scene with the help of social media and media No one should have such misery God save the Afghans! People all over the world are praying that prayer now But in the meantime, a strange video has gone viral Many people are shocked to see that Again, many have dismissed it as ‘fake’

Watching the video, it is difficult to understand whether it is real or fake But yes, it doesn’t take long to realize that it’s not possible to stand on the jet, lie down, or even cook. However, this video has now gone viral on social media Where it is said that the Afghan citizens are fleeing the country in this way or sitting on a plane However, after verifying the authenticity of the video, it is known that the video was made by a Vietnamese graphic designer Mai Xuan Huy. According to a website in the Philippines, the video went viral on March 7, 2020 So Afghanistan has nothing to do with it What is being spread on social media now is fake

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