Sunday, July 3, 2022

Picture of an Afghan woman facing Taliban fighter goes viral Taliban shelling guns, fearless Afghan women! The whole world is fascinated by courage – News18 Bangla


#Kabul: Since the new Taliban regime began in Afghanistan, many pictures have been coming back two decades ago For example, the whole world thinks that the attitude of the Taliban against women’s liberation has not changed This time, however, women are also seen to be vocal against the counter-Taliban Ignoring the Taliban’s eyebrows and gun barrels, they are making their demands heard. The courage of a fearless woman in front of a Taliban gun on the streets of Kabul has caught the eye of the world. The photo, taken by a Reuters photojournalist, is now viral on social media.

Several Afghan women took to the streets of Kabul on Tuesday to protest against Pakistan for helping the Taliban. The protest was taking place in front of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul Upon receiving the news, a group of Taliban armed forces appeared there to stop the protest They started threatening to silence the protesters

A Taliban fighter then fired a gun at a female hijab protester. It is clear in the picture that the woman was standing in front of the gun without any fear He was wearing sunglasses but was looking at the Taliban gunman in a casual manner. The picture of that brave Afghan woman quickly spread all over the world thanks to social media

The protesters alleged that the Pakistan Air Force had helped the Taliban capture Panjshir. Several Afghan men and women gathered at the Pakistani embassy to protest Taliban fighters also fired shots into the air to intimidate them However, according to local media reports, the protesters did not leave their homes for fear of the Taliban. Probably the brave mentality of that woman was spread among others

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