#Chin: The dolphin is more or less our favorite animal. Such a serene, friendly Batsal, Mishuke nature, innocent creature loves to keep his nature with people. His body is like butter. The blue water of the sea flows through that body. As beautiful as she looks, she is naturally sweet. So there are very few people who do not like dolphins.

But we have seen that dolphin in one form or another. Most oysters are black or white. Of course, I also saw colorful dolphins in Barbie’s cartoons. The pink, blue and green dolphins were the mermaid’s friends. But he is a fairy tale. So it is better not to try to find a real match with him.

But this time the fairy tale of the book’s pages came true in South China. That’s where the real pink dolphin was found. Everyone is amazed to see that. A video has recently gone viral on social media. It shows a pink dolphin playing in the blue sea. Of course there is also a black dolphin.

IFS Officer Susanta Nanda shared this video on her Twitter handle and it went viral in no time. In just a few moments, thousands of people watched, liked, and shared the video.

In fact, much of the deep sea is still beyond our grasp. There are still many secrets hidden in it which people have not been able to reach. Science often does not have the answers to all the questions. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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