Plane Crash in California: The whole plane crashed at home in California! Horror video viral, watch …

#Washington: The plane crashed into a densely populated area. The incident took place in California, USA. So far 2 people have died in this incident. In addition to the loss of life, two houses, a truck and a fire truck were also burnt in the fire. The whole family has been in panic since the incident. It is learned that a small 6-seater aircraft named ‘Kesna 340’ with two engines was coming from Arizona to California. At that moment, the plane lost control and crashed into two houses in California. In addition to the house, there were two cars. Residents of the area rushed to get the loud sound of the plane crashing. The two victims were initially believed to be passengers of the same plane. Incidentally, a training plane also crashed in Texas last September. Two people lost their lives in that incident.

Earlier in 2019, a plane crashed on a house in California, USA. Five people were killed in the accident. Witnesses said the twin-engine Cessna 414 caught fire on the way. It crashed in the Yorba Linda area of ​​California.

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And after today’s incident, a video of the plane crash has gone viral. The footage, which went viral, showed nothing about the wreckage. It was not immediately clear how many passengers were on board. However, the administration said that the two killed people were the passengers of the plane. What locals are finding good in such a bad situation is that Santana High School was a short distance from where the plane crashed. With only two to three blocks away, the students at the school survived. The locals are safe in this.

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