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popstar wears Rs 4k open-back pajamas from her lingerie label in viral pics. So ugly, says Internet – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: What a home outfit with a Punjabi … a pair of loose pajamas! Comfort-e-comfort! Lately matching fashionable pajamas, on the one hand as comfortable, on the other stylish! But this time a pajama came on the market, which made the buyers aware! Pajamas from start to finish, everything is there, only the buttocks are empty, there are no clothes! In other words, if you wear these pajamas, the whole buttocks will be visible and whose brainchild is such a strangely designed pajama? Pop star Rihanna herself!

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Savage X Fenty, a popular popstar underwear brand, has launched this unique pajamas! Rihanna recently emerged as the ‘National Hero’ of Barbados, and this time she shared a photo headlined with blue-and-black checkered buttocks in open pajamas! As can be seen in the picture, the ankles of the star are covered in pajamas but the back part is cut round from where the buttocks of the star (Rihanna) can be clearly seen. It didn’t take long for this picture of Rihanna to go viral.

These casual pajamas made of cotton can be worn with any light top or bralet! However, the price will rise to the forehead! 4 thousand 442 rupees in Indian currency. You can buy from Savage X Fenty’s official website! The product description reads, “These pajamas are ideal for the holidays. The buttocks are exposed, just like the primitive man! “

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Earlier this year, pop star Rihanna sided with protesting farmers in Delhi against the new agriculture law. He posted a link to CNN’s news on Twitter about farmers’ protests in India. Writes, ‘Why aren’t we talking about this?’ Through pictures and news links, he has clearly highlighted the situation of the peasant protests. He explained that the peasant movement in India should also become a topic of discussion in the international arena. At the same time, there were indications of support for the protesters in the post.

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