Pori Moni: Leaving home due to controversy, what dream did Parimani fly? See that address …

He got bail in the drug case. Parimani is recovering from the initial push. Little by little, Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni is redefining her life. After being released on bail from jail, he had to become a victim of social taboo. One sneer after another, a storm of criticism arose. Now it has settled down a lot.

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Pori Moni’s eyes are now dreaming of a healthy and beautiful future again. Already signing new photos. Planning a birthday celebration. Living life with an open mind. The bride appeared in the new flat to make life more new.

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After being released on bail from jail, the owner of the house prevented the actress from entering the old house. Pori Moni protested. Writers like Taslima also became vocal. But it didn’t work. Su-time was waiting with the notice to leave the house at the end. This time the fairy reached the new flat. He also took pictures and posted them on social media. Wrote the message of life, love and well-being.

Jamaican musician and lyricist Bob Marl’s song line was added to the socially shared photos. If you do Bengali, it stands, ‘Love the life you are living, live the way you love to live.

Pori Moni has been released on bail after spending 27 days in jail on drug charges. And after getting out of jail, the actress herself is provoking one controversy after another. Sometimes you open your mouth on social media, sometimes you write special messages on the palm of your hand.

On August 19, Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Atiqul Islam granted a one-day remand to Parimani. Earlier on August 13, the court ordered to send Pari and her accomplice Ashraful Islam Dipu to jail. She was taken to Kashimpur Women’s Central Jail in Gazipur at 6 pm that day.

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