#Germany: The plane was then in the middle of the sky. Pregnant Afghan woman in labor. In the end, she gave birth to a child on the plane. On Sunday, a US Air Force C-17 carrying Afghan nationals was en route to Germany under Taliban control. The woman got a taste of motherhood on that plane. Both the mother and the child are said to be healthy.

The plane was carrying US and Afghan nationals to Germany. That’s when the pain of childbirth began. The commander of the aircraft then decided that the aircraft should be lowered quickly. Because the woman may have doubts about her life at a higher level. When the plane reached Germany, the baby landed with the help of a US military medical team. The woman and her child were later taken to a nearby hospital.

Incidentally, after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, many Afghans began to flee the country in panic. So far, the US military has arranged for 17,000 people to leave Kabul on their planes. Among them are two and a half thousand US citizens. Not only the US, but many countries are bringing out the Afghans who are in danger along with their citizens and India is also on the list.

Also on Sunday, 18 passengers arrived in Ghaziabad on a special flight. Of these, 108 are Indians. The rest are Afghan citizens. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has decided to first give polio vaccine to all those coming to India from Afghanistan. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavya tweeted about the vaccination program on Sunday. In fact, in a polio-free India, there is a risk of polio spreading from the body of an Afghan. The Center has taken this step to eradicate that fear.

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