#Raiganj: The newly formed Taliban government has decided to suspend trade with India immediately after the occupation of Afghanistan. In this situation, the prices of all the goods imported from Afghanistan to India are going up in the market. Note that India exports various items including sugar, tea, coffee, clothing, medicine, electronic equipment to Afghanistan. On the other hand, India imports large quantities of dried fruits from Afghanistan. About 75% of India’s total demand for dried fruit is imported from Afghanistan. Apart from this, various products including onion, garlic, ginger, apricot, fig, cumin, asafoetida come to India from Afghanistan.

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Originally imported to India from Kabul and Afghanistan, walnuts, walnuts, dates, cashews, raisins, various dried fruits and poppy are the most popular spices of Bengalis. On August 15, the Taliban took over the whole of Afghanistan, including Kabul. And since then, the prices of various dried fruits and spices including poppy have been increasing at an unusual rate every day. Prices of dry fruits have gone up in different markets of Uttar Dinajpur district along with the rest of the country. As sales have declined due to excessive price hikes, there has been a famine in the market for these dry fruits.

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Balram Chowdhury, a wholesaler of dried fruits at Mohanbati Bazar in Raiganj, said imports of dried fruits from the country have stopped since the Taliban took over Afghanistan along with Corona. The prices of stocks have also been increased. On the other hand, the buyers are in trouble due to the increase in prices Retailer Basudeb Dutt said that the moneylenders have increased the prices of all these things. As a result, buyers are being forced to sell this type of food at a higher price. Sales have fallen sharply due to rising prices. The sellers are facing losses. Buyer Sanjay Saha said, the ceremony at home. So when it comes to buying different kinds of things including akrath, pesta, it is like lightning in the head. He claimed that their budget was facing problems due to the increase in prices.

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