Rare Corpse Flower: Rotten corpse in stink, ‘corpse flower’ blooms in Europe for third time in history

Not the fragrance, this flower is known for its stench Its costume name is ‘Corpse Flower’ or ‘Corpse Flower’ The smell of this flower is like rotten human body But even after that, thousands of people want to go to him once

Another name for this flower is ‘Penis Plant’ for its size and shape When you look at this blossoming flower, at a glance it seems that it is about the penis This flower is very rare Recently it has exploded in Europe 7 for the third time in history

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To botanists, this flower is known as ‘Amorphophallus decas silva’ Its smell is very strong and intense It seems that the stench is coming from the innumerable rotting corpses

Numerous flies and other insects are attracted to this rotten smell The shape of this flower is huge The ‘phallic’ part of the flower can reach up to 6 feet in height In order to grow, flowers need intense hot and humid weather

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The island of Java in Indonesia is the original home of this flower It takes seven years for this flower to bloom in a natural way in a natural environment Therefore, when this flower blooms in the soil of Europe, it is considered as a rare event

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The Botanical Garden of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands posted a picture of the penis plant on Instagram. It is written with, ” The flower has blossomed completely It is expected that a large number of visitors will gather to see this flower again. The last time this flower bloomed in Europe was in 1998

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