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‘Salman Khan is great’, how much he loves Bollywood, says Tanzanian viral young man Kylie Paul – News18 Bangla


#Tanzania: Kili Paul, a young man from Tanzania, is viral on social media right now. Sometimes Arijit Singh, sometimes Zubin Natial. Combining her lips with various Bollywood songs, she is now very popular among the netizens of this country. Kelly is seen in the video with her sister Neema Paul. Kylie and her sister Nima spoke in an exclusive interview with News18 recently.

He also said in that interview that they have also received calls from India. “Hello. How are you?” Kili Paul first said in an interview with ZoomCall. Kylie has matched her lips with Rata Lambia, the song of Sher Shah in Zubin Natial’s voice. And because that video went viral overnight, life changed. Kylie Paul told herself. “We don’t understand what happened. We are grateful for the love that India is giving us. It’s really great the way the people of your country are encouraging us. We understand that Indians don’t make fake comments. They want us to make more videos,” he said. We will do it. Music has no boundaries and music can bring people very close. “

Actress Kiara Advani also shared the video of Kili Paul and Nima Paul. Not just lip matching. Netizens were also surprised to see Kylie Paul’s expression in the song. Kelly says, “I was looking for some songs. That’s when I heard such a beautiful melody. The pair of two siblings can be seen in the traditional Tanzanian dress Masai. Kylie and Nimar’s group are also grateful to social media. Because social media has made them famous.

Kelly’s sister Neema Paul is short-spoken. “We never thought we’d be so famous. We’ve been videotaping for a while now. But in the last few days we’ve gone viral,” he says. Kylie, 26, is a resident of Dar es Salaam, the commercial capital of Tanzania. They are farmers by profession.

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Kili Paul says, “It takes us a day to compose a whole song. We go to YouTube and first understand the lyrics and then see how to pronounce the lyrics. Read the English translation of the lyrics. It helps us to understand. Sometimes it makes sense. I can’t. But if there is love, anyone will try. “

Kili has also been seen lip-syncing to Jalima’s song from Shah Rukh Khan’s film Ross. That too is viral. Kylie says, “I posted the video four months ago with the ticket. But no one saw it then. I re-posted it after Rata Lambia went viral and people loved it. I made the video. Badsha is great. “

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Kylie Paul said that her love for Bollywood started from a very young age. He says, “I love Bollywood movies. I watch. I like Salman Khan. His screen presence and style is great. Tiger Shroff also likes it.” Asked who her favorite Bollywood star is, Kylie said, “I love Hrithik Roshan. He looks great. I like Madhuri Dixit too. She dances well.” Kelly said that he is also willing to play in Bollywood if the opportunity arises in the future. In his words, “If ever, I will come and spend time in India and meet Bollywood actors.”

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