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Schools Reopen || Some cried with joy, some ran and hugged their best friend, millions of students returned to class after 18 months


# Dhaka: After 18 months of continuous laughter, grandfather’s fun, chatting with friends, chalk-duster, drawing on the blackboard and the sound of teaching teachers, thousands of schools in the country (Schools Reopen) came to life. Students’ school uniforms, water bottles, tiffin boxes, bags came out of the cupboards. Not on the phone with classmates (School Students bach to Classroom) on the phone, after a long day today that absolutely face to face. Tears of happiness in someone’s eyes, some ran again and hugged their best friend.

This is the picture of government and private schools and colleges in different districts of Bangladesh on Sunday. Besides Bengali medium, English medium, madrasa and technical education institutes have also opened on this day. Although not all English medium schools are open on this day. Again, some of the schools that have opened, both online and offline – have left the system.

There was a glimmer of joy in the eyes of many students who came out of the school after the class on Sunday. The story of friends with parents never ends. The mind did not want to return home. Many students have said that going to school on the first day of life was like feeling on this day. Many did not want to go home after finding friends again. After a long hiatus of about 18 months, the joy of returning to school was felt in almost all primary to high schools across the country. Students are the lifeblood of the educational institution, so there were special arrangements in various schools on this day to welcome them. Somewhere there has been music, somewhere there is a festive mood by beating the drums again. But whatever has happened, everyone has to follow the hygiene rules as much as possible.

Preparing to open the school.  Photo courtesy: Prothom Alo. Preparing to open the school. Photo courtesy: Prothom Alo.

However, many parents did not send their children to school on this day. Again, many were not comfortable sending their children to school. For this, there was a crowd of parents in front of many schools. However, the health department is fearing danger again due to the anxiety of the parents. In this regard, the spokesperson of the health department Nazmul Islam said, ‘Children can be in danger if they do not follow the health rules. Treat parents responsibly. ‘

Due to the corona infection situation, the holiday started on March 16, 2020 in all the educational institutions of the country. Since then, attempts have been made to open educational institutions more than once, but it has not been effective considering the rate of infection. As an alternative, classes were being broadcast online and on TV. However, studies have shown that they are not particularly effective. Because it becomes clear that there can be no alternative to going to school and taking classes. The government decided to open the educational institution on September 5 on the advice of the National Technical Committee as the corona infection was declining.

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