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#Kolkata: Ndakasi. Mountain gorilla is a rare species. Suddenly in the headlines around the world. The guerrillas of the Democratic Republic of Cambodia have been in the news before. But this time to make him absolutely upset. This rare 14-year-old species of gorilla has died (Mountain Gorilla Death). He died of a long illness (Mountain Gorilla Death). In 2019, Ndakasi caused a stir by photographing a forest worker’s selfie. In other words, while the forest worker was taking the picture, Dakdio (Ndakasi) was standing behind and looking at the camera. At that time the film went viral all over the world. Finally, the shadow of mourning over Dakashi’s death is in the minds of her fans (Mountain Gorilla Death).

Dakashi’s death was announced in a statement on Instagram. It read, ‘Sadly, our beloved orphan Mountain Gorilla Dakashi has died. He has been at the Senkweki Center in the park for more than a decade. The mountain gorilla breathed his last with his head on the chest of his caretaker and dear friend Andre Baumar. The photo was shared on social media on behalf of Virunga National Park along with the news of his death. This picture has upset countless people around the world.

Andre Bauma has been working on Dakashi since 2006. Dakashi was only 2 years old when she was lying on her dead mother’s lap. At that time, Ranger rescued Dakashi from there. Dakashi was afraid to go back to the forest alone, so foresters rescued her and took her to the Orphan Mountain Gorilla Center. Dakashi grew up there after that. And Andrei was in charge of her care.

Andre Bauma said in Dakashi’s memoirs, ‘I am proud to have the opportunity to look after and care for such an animal. Dakashi has endured so much hardship especially at such a young age. Dakashi was very sweet and intelligent. He told me that mankind should do everything in its power to protect animals. I am proud to call Dakashi my friend. I loved him like a child. Whenever I met him, Dakashi smiled at me. ‘

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