Several Afghan passports including Indian visas stolen in Kabul! ISI’s support behind the incident is feared – News18 Bangla

Kabul: The theft of several Afghan passports stamped with Indian visas from Kabul has caused a stir. According to Indian government sources, several Afghan passports have been stolen in Kabul

Shortly after the Taliban took control of Kabul, a group of armed miscreants stormed the office of a travel agency. It has been reported that those miscreants stole more than one passport and escaped Pakistani spy agency ISI is suspected to be behind the theft of Afghan passports with Indian visas. It is learned that the miscreants were talking in Urdu among themselves

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However, the exact number of passports stolen is not yet known The biggest danger in this theft is that passports and visas could be used for any militant activity. However, India has already canceled all the old visas issued to Afghans However, there is a risk of making fake passports and fake visas from these

Incidentally, Afghan citizens cannot enter India without an e-visa. This was informed by the Union Home Ministry on Wednesday. The decision was taken in light of the security situation in Afghanistan, a statement said. The e-Emergency X-Miss (Visa) system was launched last week to enable Afghans to apply for e-visas on an emergency basis.

Meanwhile, four members of his family have been killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Afghan actress Malisha Heena Khan revealed herself on social media. Massage lives in India. And so he thinks he is lucky. The Afghan actress said four of the family members were her uncle, who at one time worked for the Afghan government’s transport ministry.

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Four members of the family were driving. They were shot dead by the Taliban at the time. Said the masseuse. Among those four were his two cousins. “We are really lucky to be in India,” Malisha said of India. Thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for that. “

Malisha added that 4-5 members of her family are still stranded in Afghanistan. They have somehow hidden themselves from the Taliban. In a tweet, Malisha says the bad news is coming from Afghanistan. We lost four members of my family. Among them was my uncle who at one time worked for the Ministry of Transport in the Government of Afghanistan. Besides, I had two cousins.

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