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Sher Mohammad Abbas Stankizjai claims to maintain good relationship with India The Taliban want friendship with India, claims the future foreign minister of Afghanistan – News18 Bangla


# Doha: He is an alumnus of the Indian Military Academy (IMA) He is also the next foreign minister of Afghanistan under the Taliban regime In an exclusive interview with CNN News 18 from Doha, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, one of the top Taliban leaders, claimed that they would not cooperate with Pakistan against India. Not only that, Stanikzai claims, the Taliban are interested in building friendly relations with India.

Stanikzai claims that maintaining good relations with the rest of the world, including all neighboring countries, will be a priority in the Taliban government’s foreign policy. One of the top Taliban leaders has claimed that they have good relations with the United States and NATO member states even after the withdrawal of troops. “I think they should come back and take part in the rehabilitation process in Afghanistan,” he said The same principle applies to India We are interested in building a friendly culture and economic relationship with India We will build positive relations not only with India, but also with Tajikistan, Iran and Pakistan.

Stanikzai claims that fears in the Indian media that the Taliban will support Pakistani militant groups against India are unfounded. The top Taliban leader claimed that “we have never said or made any such indication.”

“In the past, no neighboring country, including India, has posed a threat to Afghanistan,” Stanikzai said. It will not be in the future There is no doubt that there are some geographical disputes between India and Pakistan But we hope they do not drag Afghanistan into their own conflict There is a long border between India and Pakistan They can only fight among themselves But we will not allow Afghan soil to be used against anyone between the two countries in any way. ” Anti-India militant groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed have raised fears that the Taliban could establish new bases in Afghanistan. The Taliban leader said the fears were unfounded and tried to send a positive message about his image. He claimed, ‘It is our responsibility We will not allow the soil of Afghanistan to be used against any country in the world.

Stanikzai also mentioned about his training from IMA “I trained at the IMA before the Russians came to Afghanistan at a very young age,” he recalled. I graduated from there. ‘ But now Stanikzai has claimed that he has no contact with anyone else in India

However, a potential Afghan foreign minister has claimed that the Haqqani network had nothing to do with the Kabul airport bombing. He claimed responsibility for the bombings, which were carried out by ISIS and Levant militant groups in Iraq.

Stanikzai further claimed that the Afghans and Sikhs who are in Afghanistan at the moment need not leave the country in panic. The top Taliban leader assured, “Afghanistan is their own place Everyone will be able to live here peacefully No one will harm them They can still live as they have been in Afghanistan for so long We hope that Hindus and Sikhs who have migrated to India in the last twenty years will return. ” Stanikzai is hopeful that all countries, including the United States, will help them if a new government is formed Stanikzai also described the development work that India has done in Afghanistan as an asset He hopes that India will complete the unfinished project in Afghanistan Top Taliban leaders have promised to provide security if anyone needs to work in Afghanistan.

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