#Venice: Venice means the fashion capital of the world (Venice) 6 There, at different times of the year, the world’s best fashion experts meet at various fashion shows. There must be a crowd of curious people Such a terrible thing happened in a fashion show Whose video is viral 6 The world famous fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana fashion show (Hellstorm) came on the models! They kept walking in it trembling However, the show did not stop This incident has caught the eye and its video has spread on social media!

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The famous Dolls & Gabbana (Fashion Show in Venice) is hosting a colorful fashion show by the river in Venice to showcase their latest designs. Numerous beautiful and handsome men were walking along Marger Street All the hot stars of the fashion world were present Everyone was looking forward to D&G’s Alta Sartoria collection. Everyone was in a great mood at St. Mark’s Square! However, no one could stay in Bindas for a long time The hailstorm started in so many events Hailstorm at Fashion show And the guests present were injured He kept trying to figure out how to save his head Someone opened the umbrella again and somehow saved himself from being hit by a rock But the models did not stop walking in the meantime (Models walk within hailstorm in Venice)! Their cat walk continued even after eating the rock from here and there! And that video is viral

Everyone is overwhelmed by the professionalism of beautiful models In this favorable situation, they did their job, and they got applause Model means beautiful makeup, body display, not so ৷ This fashion show (Models are very bold) also proved that they are very brave and dedicated to work. It was clear that big hail was falling on the models But ignoring all that, they walked in colorful clothes

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