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Singer Noble’s wife took strong decision against him Serious allegations against the husband! This time the wife of musician Nobel is in court with a big decision …– News18 Bangla


# Dhaka: There were indications that their happy marriage had ended. This time the hint seems to be clearer. Controversial Bangladeshi musician Moinul Ahsan Noble has been sent a divorce notice by his wife Salsabila. The musician himself shared the news of the separation on social media on Wednesday. However, Noble (Singer Noble) said that he was not upset at all in the notice of separation.

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Love made its way to the roof in a very short time. Nobel and Salsabil decided to get married within three months of their introduction (Bangladesh News). Noble was married to Salsabil on November 15, 2019. However, after 6 months of marriage, the episode of unrest and complaints started. Salsabil complained that the torture started after the marriage. Nobel even began to get involved in extramarital affairs.

Although at first Salsabil did not inform the family and relatives. Later, though, everyone found out that the marital relationship with Nobel was not happy at all. A year ago, Salsabil had also lodged a complaint against Nobel (Singer Noble) at Gulshan police station. Gradually the relationship came to a standstill (Bangladesh News).

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Meanwhile, Noble (Singer Noble) posted a controversial post on social media about the news of his wife’s pregnancy. He claimed that Salsabil threatened to have an abortion shortly after the news of the pregnancy was posted on Facebook. Noble also claimed that Salsabil had been with him for a very short time in their married life of one and a half years. At the time, however, the controversial musician expressed hope that the post might one day break up. Although the music does not match the artist’s thoughts real.

Salsabil claims he has not been able to endure years of mental and physical abuse. So on September 11, he was forced to send a notice of separation to Nobel. Noble shared on social media that he received a notice of separation. He wrote in a Facebook post, ‘Divorce’. The Bangladeshi singer claimed that he was not upset at all even though he got the notice of separation. Although he started his journey from Saregamapa, this Bangladeshi artist has been involved in one controversy after another.

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